Backed by the Bekins Van Lines brand, Security Designer Services is part of the
most experienced van line in the industry.  We must meet stringent quality
and excellence standards. Be assured that we will strive to exceed your
expectations and provide you with the services you need, backed by the brand
you have trusted for more than 115 years.

HomeDirectUSA is the highest-volume, fastest-growing delivery company in
North America.  As a HomeDirectUSA provider, we transport large consumer
products to any home or business in the United States and Canada.  

HomeDirectUSA's unique combination of high touch service and high tech
automation and systems provides an array of exceptional and comprehensive
benefits to your business, saving you time and money.

We'll take care of it all, while presenting a customer experience that upholds
and enhances your brand and provides the consumer of your products with an
outstanding encounter—leaving a great last impression.
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